3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Courier Business: What You Need To Know Apart From J&T Franchise Cost

Wondering how much does J&T franchise cost? Amidst the pandemic, a lot of people are getting even more creative and their survival mode has been switched on – looking for the best way to gain a sustainable income.

Businesses that provide courier services have been one of the most thriving industries despite the pandemic as there is an increased number of parcels to be collected and delivered – illustrating that courier services are the next big thing. Whether you are looking for J&T franchise cost, you are advised to continue reading if you have plan to set up a courier business.

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First things first: Why Choose to Start A Courier Business Franchise?

Why start a courier business when all the hype is towards bubble tea right now? In fact, that’s where trends come in.

Remember when everyone was trying out Maggi with Milo – and how quickly that trend came to a halt? Well, the food and beverage industry heavily relies on food trends and customers’ whims (which come and go!). One the other hand, courier businesses will continue to thrive and experience growth regardless of the pandemic – because it’s an essential service.

Take a look at the chart below where it shows the summary of the estimated courier parcel service’s Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2020-2025.
j&at franchise cost

Based on that study, we can say that despite the pandemic, the e-commerce industry will continue to accelerate the market growth which would simultaneously boost the market growth of courier service providers.

Still here? Good.

There’s no surprise that you would want to know how much does J&T franchise cost. This is because of its popularity and its great reputation. However, before you begin your journey as a courier service provider, it would be wise to weigh out all your options (especially if CollectCo is one of them!)

CollectCo: The Uprising Star Player in E-Commerce

Courier Services

CollectCo – the Best Express Agent is the best choice for individuals who look to begin their courier business. Consequently, you do not have to pay a high franchising fee that will burn a hole in your pocket. We do not just offer affordable prices, we offer other benefits that will definitely keep you on your toes! There is no doubt that brands like J&T Express and Parcelhub would be one of the first few courier companies that would come to mind (at first!) but you would definitely think of CollectCo after reading this article – trust us!

Collectco is a collection centre network that provides parcel delivery and collection services. By making your e-commerce experience hassle-free, we hope to revolutionize last-mile e-fulfillment in ASEAN. Our goal is to improve ASEAN’s e-commerce ecosystem by establishing a collection center in every town.

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Why Choose CollectCo?

Similar to J&T Express and Parcelhub, CollectCo provides services that consist of delivering parcels and collection centers. However, the great things that differ CollectCo from others are the lower investment cost, and the advanced technology implemented in a system which integrates multiple courier companies into one platform. As a result, you can still thrive in the industry without a large investment and below are the reasons why.

1. Cheap Startup Cost

As a shop owner, the concern about the investment cost would be alleviated as CollectCo offers the best startup cost and the renovation expenses (if needed) will cost a few times lesser than J&T franchise cost and Parcelhub franchise. When you choose to partner with CollectCo, there are two types of plans that can benefit your existing business which are;

a) CollectCo Premium Point
b) CollectCo Basic Plan

Each plan comes with multiple benefits that will increase your shop revenue and attract new customers into your shop without a huge investment. With CollectCo, your shop will be the hotspot of the community when parcel and collection services are needed, which is almost all the time as aforementioned in the study. Therefore, the application process to become our partner is quick and easy – which makes CollectCo your first choice.

Here are the benefits of transforming your shop into a CollectCo Premium Point.

  • 1 investment for all CollectCo courier partners which we will mention more in the article.
  • Increased walk-ins to your shop as a parcel service provider to your local community.
  • Seize the opportunity to ride on the growth of Courier, Express & Parcel market in Malaysia.
  • Gaining a sustainable alternative income as a courier agent, and simultaneously increase your shop’s sales.
  • Receiving an endless, excellent sales and marketing support as well as business training from our experienced team in order to ensure sustainable growth.
Cost (RM) / Courier Services Courier X CollectCo
Deposit 20, 000 1, 000
Licensing fee 20, 000 2, 800
Subsequent yearly licensing fee renewal 10, 000 2, 800

*Note: Above costs exclude renovation and fixtures for both, but it is required by J&T Express.

2. Your Existing Shop Is Enough

Business owners will not need to burn a hole in their pocket to transform their shops into a dedicated franchise with CollectCo. Besides saving your expenses on renovation and hiring manpower, you will also be able to promote your existing business.

One of the best things when you partner with CollectCo is not only that you will be receiving more walk-ins and new customers to use your parcel delivery and collection services, but your existing business will also boom. For instance, when a new customer visits your shop to send a parcel, they will simultaneously be intrigued by what your business has to offer, be it services or products selling.

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3. One Platform For All Courier Companies

In this tech-savvy era, a lot of individuals will find it convenient to use a service where an advanced technology is implemented in their platforms as CollectCo does. In fact, CollectCo is partnered with multiple reputable courier companies such as

For customers, they can now choose any of their favorite courier companies in a single platform when your shop becomes a CollectCo Premium Point to send a parcel domestically and internationally. In addition, all of the courier companies mentioned above are available in an integrated system of CollectCo’s platform. Moreover, these conveniences will keep your customers happy and satisfied. As a result, the possibility for ‘word-of-mouth’ endorsement from them will encourage more individuals to come into your business and utilize your services. Consequently, in the long run, your shop will undoubtedly become the center of your community’s attention, and you will be able to boost sales of your primary business, allowing you to flourish in the industry.

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Become A CollectCo Premium Point today!

In order to become a CollectCo Premium Point, please fill out the form with appropriate information. After that, our helpful staff will contact you as soon as possible and will walk you through the entire process!


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