Safest Way to Send Parcel from Malaysia to Australia 2022

Send parcel from Malaysia to Australia can seem overwhelming at first. They enforce tight border inspections, which can complicate things. However, there are a few tricks that have been proven to work well in-depth research on the matter. In order to ensure the authenticity and inviolability of your shipments, make sure your courier follows specific customs guidelines and has all relevant paperwork for what you’re shipping.

To send parcel from Malaysia to Australia, you will need to find a freight service provider. The best option would be the company that provides the cheapest and most efficient services because it will make sure that your parcel arrives at its destination as fast as possible. 

How to Send a Parcel to Australia

1. Get A Quote (Estimation/Price)

It is important to measure the weight of your packages before sending them over to avoid incurring any extra costs or charges..

  • Using a set of scales, weigh your package in kilograms.
  • Measure the length, width and height of your package. (, 2020)

2. Choose Your Courier

There are different courier services for parcel delivery and each will offer a different set of services. Pick the one that best suits your needs! Choosing the right service provider can be a hassle, but it’ll save you time and money in the long run. In this case, we have got you covered! Before you send parcel from Malaysia to Australia without thinking twice, let’s take a look at the delivery options you have to send parcel to Australia.

Important customs rules you need to know for Australia


  • All food shipments should provide an accurate description of the goods.  
  • “Snacks” or “food” are not acceptable for food product descriptions. Food that was not manufactured, labelled or packaged by a commercial enterprise will be disposed of by the quarantine.
  • All herbal or nutritional supplements must have the full name of the product as well as an ingredients list on the invoice. Failing to comply will result in a clearance delay.
  • Imported honey shipments to Western Australia are subjected to additional requirements. Furthermore, any quantity of baby formula (milk powder) must be accompanied by an import permit and Health Certificate in order to comply with Australian restrictions on imported goods. Hence, all food businesses need to show their ingredients list.

Alcoholic beverages

  • Liquor Brands are not allowed to be used in descriptions on the waybill or invoice. For instance, “Johnnie Walker” instead of the general commodity being “Whiskey.” The Australian Border Force (ABF) imposes heavy penalties for false or ambiguous declarations of goods coming into the country.
  • Any shipment that contains more than 1 litre of alcohol or wine or weighs more than 1kg will be stopped for import foods inspection and examined, which can cost some amount.



  • In the case of cosmetics, label any items that contains lead

Drugs (without prescription in pharmacy)

  • For drugs in pharmacy- you will require an Australian prescription when sending private person shipments for pharmaceuticals to Australia. Otherwise, customs authorities may seize the goods if the receiver is unable to obtain a license
  • If the fair value of these goods for personal use is over AUD30000, then a TGA import permit needs to be obtained before they are imported. The sender or recipient of the goods will be responsible for quarantine fees.

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Choose CollectCo

send parcel from malaysia to australia

By appointing a collection center in every town ASEAN-wide, CollectCo provides hassle-free parcel delivery and collection services for all. They partner with most courier service providers as mentioned above. Below are the full list of their partnered international courier service providers:

When you choose CollectCo Premium Point to ship your parcel to Australia, you will have the privilege of choosing from a wide range of delivery options. Other than that, there several perks will also enjoy with the service by CollectCo such as;

  • Cheaper shipping rate through CollectCo
  • Training Programme
  • VIP Programme
  • CollectCover
  • Pay Later Programme

CollectCo Premium Point provide services such as:

  • Send Domestic & International Parcels
  • Buy Packaging Materials
  • Top Up Services
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Parcel Insurance Services

Have further questions or issues? Don’t hesitate to send us a message, we will be happy to help! Send parcel from Malaysia to Australia with ease, get a quote and book our courier delivery service from Malaysia to Australia to send any kind of item today!

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