Best Way to Send Parcel from Malaysia to Indonesia 2022

Are you looking to send parcel from Malaysia to Indonesia? When it comes to expanding your reach within Southeast Asia, Indonesia stands out with the largest population and eCommerce market size in Southeast Asia. Indonesia’s eCommerce scene is expected to grow to USD 50 billion by 2024.

Products made in Malaysia that could do well in Indonesia include cosmetics, fashion and mommy products. In addition, Malaysia has a large Muslim population, and there is potential for halal-based products to work well in Indonesia. Malaysia is considered the best place to buy modest fashion products and halal cosmetics.

How to send parcel from Malaysia to Indonesia? Flights to Indonesia are restricted with the recent spread of COVID-19. When importing goods to Indonesia from Malaysia it is important to be fully aware of regulatory changes and plan accordingly.

How to Send A Parcel to Indonesia

1. Get A Quote (Estimation/Price)

Weigh and measure your packages beforehand to ensure that you reduce the chances of a late invoice with an extra fee

  • Using a set of scales, weigh your package in kilograms.
  • Measure the length, width and height of your package. (, 2020)

2. Choose Your Courier

There are a number of different delivery services to choose from and each one will offer something a bit different. Hence, it’s up to you to identify the one which is right for your needs. Choosing a company to send your items is important and can make all the difference in the long run. In this case, it can save of you hassle, time, and money. In this case, we have got you covered! When thinking about send parcel to Indonesia, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider before making a decision.

Important customs rules you need to know for Indonesia

Every country has its own law and customs regulations. So be familiar with them before shipping any items. After all, the package can be checked at the border and if a prohibited item is inside, the shipment will most likely be returned back to the sender and it may be confiscated by customs.

prohibited items

Below are some items that are prohibited to enter Indonesia:

Alcoholic beverages, Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association), Drugs, Explosive materials such as firearms, knives (limited to cutlery only), Tobacco/Tobacco Leaves/Cigarettes.

To look into the full list of prohibited items, kindly visit this website:

Once your shipment arrives in our airport or port, it’ll be brought to a customs warehouse for clearance. At this point, Indonesian customs will examine your paperwork and inspect your product to see if it complies with the laws of the country.

To clear Indonesian customs, you will need the following documents:

  • Certificate of origin
  • The master document for loading and unloading cargo (airway bill or bill of lading)
  • Insurance policy
  • Receipt of payment for import duty and import-related taxes
  • Other relevant permits, licenses signatures and certificates

As long as the value of your item is below the de minimis rate, then you don’t need to pay additional import duties and taxes to the customs office. In Indonesia, you don’t need to pay VAT if the order value is less than a certain level.

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Choose CollectCo

send parcel from malaysia to indonesia

By appointing a collection center in every town ASEAN-wide, CollectCo provides hassle-free parcel delivery and collection services for all. They are in partnership with almost all of the courier service providers as mentioned above. Below are the full list of their partnered international courier service providers:

When you choose CollectCo Premium Point to ship your parcel to Indonesia, you will be enjoying the privilege of having many delivery options to choose from in a single integrated platform. Other than that, there several perks will also enjoy with the service by CollectCo such as;

  • Cheaper shipping rate through CollectCo
  • Training Programme
  • VIP Programme
  • CollectCover
  • Pay Later Programme

CollectCo Premium Point provide services such as:

  • Send Domestic & International Parcels
  • Buy Packaging Materials
  • Top Up Services
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Parcel Insurance Services

Have further enquiries? Don’t hesitate to send us a message, our friendly customer service will assist you along the way!

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