Pos Office Near Me: The Best & The Easiest Parcel Delivery and Collection Service

Did you click into this article in hopes to find “pos office near me”? I assume you searched for this because you have the intention to send a parcel to your relatives, friends or maybe even to a local or overseas customer for your online business. Perhaps you received a wrong item from Zalora and wish to return it to your nearest post office? What if we told you there is a way for you to enjoy queue-free, multiple courier options at one place, and a quick process of sending, collecting and returning a parcel so you won’t have to think or search for “pos office near me” anymore?

We are offering you the best and hassle-free solution to send and collect a parcel, with numbers of the most reputable courier service providers to choose from at the one-stop CollectCo Premium Point.

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Post Offices Are Only Getting More Congested Day By Day

Did you know? We have a close estimated total of 681 postal delivery service offices across Malaysia. (Number of post offices in Malaysia in 2019, by region, 2019) The high amount of post offices where they aim to serve the people are plausible and yet the total number of these post offices is still not enough to beat the long lines of waiting. According to a survey conducted by a research expert covering Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, J. Mueller, it finds that the average number of people being served per post office amounted to 35.4 thousand people in Malaysia in 2019. (Average number of inhabitants served by a post office in Malaysia from 2015 to 2019, 2019)

average pos office
Based on the chart above, the number of people visiting and using the service of a post office have only been increasing year by year and the number will continue to increase, which explains why a lot of us experience a congested post office often despite having 681 post offices in Malaysia.

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CollectCo Premium Points Will Ease Your Experience

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) recently, people are now more inclined to use the service of courier providers instead of buying, selling, sending, and receiving items / parcels in person. It is no surprise that the growth rate of the courier, express and parcel is expected to register more than 8% during the forecast period as it is driven by the growth of eCommerce. Not to mention, since many people between the age of 16 to 60 in Malaysia have turned into and relied on eCommerce to do shopping in the midst of the pandemic, the market worth of eCommerce is expected to double to USD 8.1 billion by the year 2024. This all began with the enforcement of Movement Control order on 18 March 2020. (Malaysia Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) Market-Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021-2026), 2020)

Now, you might find yourself wondering what does the forecast have anything to do with post offices? Naturally, as the online purchase and selling are increasing day by day during the pandemic, then the higher the amount of people will be served by post offices. This is a fact and we need to remember to practice social distancing during this pandemic, which is close to impossible to do when we are in a packed room full of people.

So, the only way you can ensure a perfect social-distancing and to cheat the long waiting and queue, as well as the long parcel processing duration is to start stepping into your nearest CollectCo Premium Point (CPP) where you can enjoy so many conveniences. Read more to find out the great benefits of choosing CPP to send and collect your parcels, instead of finding “pos office near me” anymore.


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CollectCo’s Key Features for Customers

1. You can find a CollectCo Premium Point almost everywhere

You may now start searching for the nearest CPP by your home via this link instead of Googling “pos office near me”. The link will take you to CollectCo’s website where you can write in the location where you are staying at and then, it will show you the lists of the nearest CPPs available.

collectco is everywhere

CollectCo has more than 800 physical collection points across Malaysia, and your favorite convenience store like MyNews.com or your favorite supermarket like Mydin is also in partnership with CollectCo. (Kandasivam, 2017) Don’t be surprised when you find that your neighbor’s convenience store is one of the CPPs too!

Yes, we highly encourage small business shop owners to be our partner to keep up with the fast-paced commerce and eCommerce industry in the digital era. If you happen to be a shop owner yourself and wish to generate more income, and increase the number of walk-ins for your shop, you can read more about it here: Poslaju Agent.

2. You will have a Seamless Experience to Send Parcels

Forget the traditional process of sending a parcel or even returning a parcel because it has been made easy by the advanced technology applied in CollectCo’s system. Everything can be done effortlessly through a few clicks from the tips of your fingers on your smartphone. Here is how you can send a parcel at CPP step by step;

    1. Walk into your nearest CPP which you have found via the link above.
    2. Scan the QR Code using your smartphone and you have the option to create an account for a quicker process in the future.

pos office near collectco

  1. Select your favorite courier to deliver your parcel. (Poslaju/ Citylink Express/ ABX Express/ Janio/ Aramex/ EMS Malaysia/ SF Express/ Flash Express)
  2. Fill in the forms with accurate details of recipient and sender.
  3. Then confirm to get a booking number to display it to the CPP.
  4. The CPP will scan your parcel and lodge in shipment.
  5. Lastly, you pay the fee.

How easy and effortless is that process? You would not even have to print the consignment note because at CPP, they will do it for you! With CollectCo, you can also send your parcel all over the world with ease.

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3. You can now Return Unwanted items without Hassles

It can feel like a burden when you need to return a wrong item from Zalora when it is not your fault! Then, you would have to go through all the returning process like driving to your nearest post office, wait in the long lines and fill in multiple forms which would just unnecessarily consume your time.

With CollectCo, you will only need to follow 3 simple steps below to return your items to Zalora (Terms and Conditions apply):

  1. Visit this link and fill in the form with your details accordingly and accurately.
  2. You will receive a CollectCo Label in PDF form where you can print it and stick the label securely on your parcel.
  3. You will then drop off the parcel over the nearest CPP’s counter for them to lodge in the shipment and from there, you can track the parcel here.

In conclusion, we hope that more people will start grabbing the chance to save their time, and practice social distancing during the pandemic. Instead of searching “pos office near me”, why not choose CollectCo’s service to send, collect and return parcels. Help post offices to be less congested with people and help yourself to have the best and simplest experience of courier service.


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