How to Become a Best Express Agent: What Do The Customers Expect From A Courier Service Provider?

Thinking about being a best express agent as a way to generate more income during the COVID-19 pandemic? Smart choice. How much do you know about being a Best Express agent in Malaysia since there is not a lot of information that could guide you? However, starting a courier business would require you to get as much information to guide you through the process.

Become A Partner of CollectCo

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What makes CollectCo so different from J&T Express, Best Express and Parcelhub as being a best express agent?

Before getting into that, let’s dive into what your potential customers expect from using courier services.

Majority of The Customers’ Expectations from A Courier Service Provider:

1. Tracking and Shipping Visibility

Customers would want to know and see the whereabouts of their parcels from the moment of them being booked right to the final mile delivery. When you have this feature implemented in your service, you will be able to increase your consumers’ satisfaction.

2. More Options On Location

Majority of consumers are not willing to travel far just to send a parcel or to make a collection. Thus, a courier company that is available in many locations will seem more attractive to the consumers because of the convenience it offers. (, 2020)

3. Credibility

People trust brands that are credible and have been in the industry for years – having a higher level of expertise that is generally preferred by customers. Working with reputable courier companies is important because they will offer you excellent service and have the capacity to consult on best practices to enhance your business growth.

4. Accountability and Attitude

Consumers look to use services from courier companies that handle their items with care. It is important to collaborate with a courier company that cares about handling the parcel – especially fragile ones.

All of these attributes are not difficult to find because CollectCo has the right solution for you! For your information, CollectCo will give you access to reputable courier services in a single platform! Here are their courier partners:

Yes, you read it right! When you become a partner of CollectCo, you will provide convenience for your customers as they will have the option to choose whichever courier service provider that they prefer by just scanning the QR (Quick Scanning) code at your CollectCo Premium Point.

This is the closest for a collection and drop-off parcel center to having an app. According to a study in 2016, 53% of customers look for the benefits that CollectCo provides for their own convenience when they want to use a courier service. You can see it as shown in the graph below. (Bishop Emmanuel Prince, 2016)

best express agent

Therefore, when you decide to become a courier agent it’s better to do it with CollectCo. Not only will you provide satisfaction and happiness to your customers, but you will also enjoy great benefits that will help to grow your business altogether.

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1. Your Business will be Able to Thrive in the Long Run

As a CollectCo partner, people will never stop walking into your store to use the service of parcel delivery and collection. The meantime, people that visit your store will also use your other service which is your main business so you may also enjoy the “2 in 1” benefit. In addition, when you are partnering with CollectCo, there are exclusive training sessions in place to support our partners to ensure their business growth.

why collectco is best express

2. Retain Your Customers’ Satisfaction

Since CollectCo is in partnership with multiple reputable domestic and international couriers, your customer will enjoy the privilege of being able to choose their favorite courier company without having to travel to different courier centers.

Your customers will also be able to send parcels across the globe seamlessly. All these will increase the level of customers’ happiness and with that, your shop will be their favorite parcel delivery and collection center.

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3. Generate More Income

Your outlet will not only have traffic from your main business as you would also generate income from courier business because of the stable commission structure for each sent parcel. Not only that, people make online purchases every day which just proves the relevance of courier businesses.

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