How to Become an Authorized Poslaju Agent?

Are you a shop owner, and would like to retain your regular customers’ satisfaction by providing more convenience for them at your store? Or you wish to make the most out of your shop? You have landed at the right article! Sometimes, just selling things at your shop does not guarantee attraction, extra income and growth especially in a competitive business world.

One of the smartest things you can do to ensure that your shop thrives in this competitive era is to offer a parcel service for your customer by becoming an authorized Poslaju agent through the Best Express AgentCollectCo.

Now, why and how to become an authorized Poslaju agent you may ask? Continue on reading this article to know more.

Why Should You Start a Courier Agent Business?

1. To Keep up with the Fast-paced Industry

fast pace industry in courier agent

We are living in a digital era and it is important that we do not miss out on the train when other mom-and-pop shops have found and transformed their conventional business to a more sustainable one through CollectCo’s help.

One of the best strategies you can follow to keep your business going and growing is by partnering with courier service providers. You cannot deny the fact that almost everyone is using courier services whether it is for their online business or to send their friends and family gifts and what not. We are all practically dependent on it!

Since 2020, CollectCo and Pos Malaysia sealed the partnership with one another with the intentions of catering to the demand of our country’s flourishing e-commerce market as well as to provide established retailers and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to pursue alternative sources of income that leverage the eCommerce industry’s growth. (Bernama, 2020)

2. To Increase your Shop’s Revenue

pos laju increase revenue

If you did not already know, becoming a Poslaju agent through CollectCo will drive traffic into your shop, resulting in a great impact for your shop and an increased number of walk-ins and new customers where they will simultaneously notice what your shop is selling other than providing a parcel service.

Since you will be providing parcel services for your customers that run e-commerce shops or for them to send a parcel for their personal means, your shop will be the center of attention! For example, you are selling pet accessories and when existing or new customers come into your shop to send their parcels, they will know where to head to next time they wish to purchase pet accessories.

Side note: If you are running an online shop and would like to know more about the easiest way to send a parcel to your customers locally and globally, read here.

So, surely you can directly register to an individual courier service provider to become an agent like J&T Express agent or Poslaju agent, however, if you wish to save time, cost and all the hassles, CollectCo have made it easy for you just by registering as a courier agent through them.

How have they made it easier? When you register as CollectCo Premium Point, you will not only have access to Poslaju but 7 other courier service providers such as City-link, ABX Express, EMS Malaysia, Aramex, Janio, SF Express and Flash Express.

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How to Register as CollectCo Premium Point (CPP)?

Courier Services

Making things easy for every party involved is like CollectCo’s specialty at this point. CollectCo has also made it simple and easy for your registration process. Below is what you will need to do for online registration and I promise you, it will not be complicated and even if you have a difficult time understanding, our friendly CollectCo team will gladly help you through it.

Why should you choose CollectCo for becoming a Courier Agent?

1. Application is Quick and Simple

Hassle-free registration and CollectCo team will guide you happily if you experience any difficulties.

2. CollectCo is in Partnership with Reputable Courier Service Providers in Malaysia

As I have mentioned previously, you will not only become the agent of Poslaju, but through CollectCo you will be associated with multiple courier service providers which will definitely benefit your customers! They will have the option that allows them to choose which courier service which they prefer to send parcels with ease, not just limited to Poslaju. You must know that customers’ satisfaction and happiness are the top priority by now, right?

3. E-parcel processing made Easy with Technology

You don’t need to be a digital expert to have a seamless and effortless e-parcel processing.

4. Minimal Investment to Start Up

Your existing shop would be enough and no renovation will be needed to become a courier agent.

5. Receive Support for Marketing and Sales

CollectCo will ensure that your shop will experience sustainable growth. So, you will not have to worry about being left out in the industry as a small shop owner.

6. Proven Success of Local mom-and-pop Shops with CollectCo

You are a skeptical person and holding on to the “seeing is believing” principle? Well, you might want to check out the CollectCo website and read the positive feedback and success stories from other shop owners!

It is proven that their partnership and association with us have led to their booming business. Why don’t you try it for yourself and see the great impact of becoming the CollectCo Premium Point!

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