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The world for a person to send a parcel has never been made easier since the existence of courier services. Whether it is a business or personal means for you to send a parcel, there are a few things that you will mainly look for in a courier service which are the quality, fee and speed. I mean, who would want a service which does not match with their price and claims, right?

Our livelihood is practically dependent on a courier service when it is time to collect and send a parcel, so I bet Pos Laju, J&T Express and more of these available services in Malaysia are not a stranger to your ears or mouth anymore. Anyhow, you might have a slight difficulty choosing the suitable courier and wonder “which pos office near me?” to send a parcel or which is the cheapest one especially when you are running a family-owned business?

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Worry not, Send a Parcel at CollectCo!

Today, I am going to introduce you to CollectCo where you can send a parcel to the courier service of your choosing through their physical collection points which you can find almost everywhere. Also, they are in partnership with 15,000 merchants like Mynews.com, Caring Pharmacy, Focus Point, Mydin, CNI and many more!

You would only need to walk in to their Collectco Premium Point , scan QR code and you have the option to create an account for an easier future use. Then, fill up the sender and recipient details just like you usually would do when sending a parcel and get a booking number to display to the CollectCo Premium Point.

Next, they will scan your parcel and lodge in shipment and then you pay the fee. All done! Easy, right? You won’t have to handwrite things and have the risk to smudge your pen ink anymore.

To let you know, CollectCo do provide international shipping as well, read this article if you would like to know how to send parcel from Malaysia to Singapore, send parcel from Malaysia to Indonesia, send parcel from Malaysia to Australia.

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Now, Who are our Courier Partners?

You won’t have to look far because CollectCo is in partnership with more than 9 courier services such as;

Courier Services

CollectCo: One-Stop Centre for Courier Services

Our objectives are to support mom-and-pop shops as well as providing convenience and good services to them. So, if you are one of these micro-entrepreneurs, you should definitely subscribe to CollectCo and become their business partner. This way, you will be able to start providing shipment of your sold items to your customers.

This might sound familiar because we are similar to Send Parcel by Pos Laju and J&T to send parcels but better.

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What are the Benefits of CollectCo Premium Point (CPP) as a Micro-entrepreneur?

When your shop becomes a CollectCo Premium Point, you will get to enjoy a few benefits along with increasing your shop revenue. Also, imagine having customers from all over the world and you will not have to go through many processes to ship your items anymore? This easy process would also apply to your customer when your shop becomes a CollectCo Premium Point.

Happy customers mean more attractive word-of-mouth’s and that means more people will walk in your stores! Think of the Best Express Agent – CollectCo as your business opportunity as you can open a new shop solely as CollectCo Premium Point.

Here are the Benefits:

  • One Stop Center

You will be the one-stop center for all of CollectCo’s partnered couriers, which means 1 time investment for all couriers

  • Increased Foot Traffic

The amount of customers visiting your shop will increase because your are providing value-added services on top of selling your own products or services

  • New Business

You have a choice of opening up a new shop to carry out operations for CollectCo or continue in your current shop.

  • Generate more income

You will be able to generate more income from the various courier and value-added services.

What does your Store Need for you to become our Agent?

  • CCTV
  • A Good internet connection
  • A weighing machine that starts with a minimum weight of 30kg
  • 2D barcode scanner
  • Storage bin

Did you know that the demand for e-commerce is growing 40% per year according to Postal & Courier: Pocket Book of Statistics? That is huge and I think you should take this opportunity to ride the wave of e-commerce demand by partnering with CollectCo and boost your business.

What are the Benefits of CollectCo Premium Point as a Customer?

CollectCo is available at 800+ physical collection points across Malaysia, offering you the most flexible process of delivering and picking up parcels. This means that you will not have to worry so much about having to drive a long way to pick up the failed delivery attempt when you are not at home.

Anyhow, tracking your parcels can become tiring when you are using multiple couriers and to track items on a separate website is a hassle! Good thing with CollectCo, you can track different couriers on the same website. (Kandasivam, 2017)

Here are Some of the Benefits:

send a parcel via collectco

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  • It is easy to use – Embracing the simplicity of sending a parcel’s process and system by crossing out the manual handling.
  • Simple and fast – Less than a minute is taken for sending away your parcels.
  • Safe and secure – At CollectCo, only the professionally trained will be your parcel handlers and strict measures are instilled to make sure your parcels are safe and sound.
  • Super convenient – A lot of CollectCo Premium Points near you are open early till late.
  • Service for every customer – CollectCo has multiple courier providers that you can choose from and it all depends on your preference. (CollectCo)


Send A Parcel Now



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