How to Determine The DHL International Shipping Rates?

Thinking of the DHL international shipping rates before considering whether the company would be the right one for you to ship out or send a parcel or documents across the globe? You’re in luck because this article contains a way to figure out the DHL international shipping rates. We will also help you find the cheapest international shipping as an alternative to the DHL. Read on to find out more on the topic.

Being one of the biggest delivery companies in the world, it’s not surprising that shippers will turn to DHL to ship their parcel internationally, be it for personal or business purposes. With a company that big, they are assisted by more than 400k workers all over the globe. As for locations covered, the company’s presence is massive and serving over 220 countries as well as territories. For the people that sought to figure out the DHL international shipping rates in 2022, you may get a quote of an estimated rate here.

Why should you look for an alternative?

Although DHL is known for its affordable international shipping as compared to FedEx rate international shipping, the process can be slightly complicated for shippers that are not familiar with logistics and courier business. In order for one to fully comprehend, they would need better and dedicated assistance from that very company with transparent information. For this reason, we might have the best solution for you.

CollectCo Premium Point may just be the Perfect Alternative

For those who have never heard of CollectCo, you are missing out! The company aims to revolutionize last mile e-fulfillment in the ASEAN by smoothing out your experience in e-commerce. In order to uplift the e-commerce ecosystem in ASEAN, they have appointed a collection center where you are able to send, collect and return parcels in every town across the ASEAN.

In terms of international shipping, CollectCo are partnered with multiple well-known courier companies that provide cross-border shipping such as Pos Malaysia international parcel and document delivery service, better known as EMS (Express Mail Service). However, you may as well have your own preferred international courier company, yet you don’t have the privilege to travel far anymore to visit your favorite courier point due to the reinforcement of lockdown. This is where CollectCo comes in to lend a hand and provide a solution to your problem.

collectco is better than dhl international shipping

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Here’s What CollectCo Have to Offer to you When you Utilize their Service to Ship your Items Internationally

1. More Options on International Courier Companies to Choose from

For international shipping, CollectCo are partnered with;

Courier Services

As you can see, these companies mentioned are all reputable and some of them might be your go-to courier service providers. Unlike with other courier companies, you are not stuck and be forced to use the company’s courier only. With CollectCo you will only need to visit the CPP in order to use your favorite international courier company by using a single platform. Since CollectCo Premium Point provides you multiple options of different couriers, the rates might vary for each courier but worry not, you can get the best deal with the best express agent – CollectCo. So, don’t hesitate to utter an enquiry and reach out to CollectCo to find out more!

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2. More Options on Delivery to Fit Economical and Premium Requirements

Every individual has their own budget set and we get that. Therefore, CollectCo Premium Point offers you a variety of international delivery options that will be suitable with your budget and needs. For instance, some people will choose a premium delivery option for their parcels or documents for extra care. CollectCo will get you covered as well as for those that want to opt for the economical delivery options.

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3. CollectCo is Almost Everywhere

FedEx is known to be one of the fastest international shipping courier providers among others to this date. However, they are limited in terms of collection points in Malaysia which makes their partnership with CollectCo even more glorious. Why? As CollectCo provides convenience for e-commerce merchants to get access to multiple courier companies, they also help their partners such as FedEx to expand their reach, thus all parties are able to grow together.

collectco location

In addition, over 1500 merchants are in partnership with CollectCo across Malaysia which includes, Caring Pharmacy, Focus Point, Mydin and more! To check out for the nearest located CollectCo Premium Points, you may click into this link and type down the name of your area.

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4. You will be Assisted by CollectCo Expert throughout the Whole Process

Delayed help or assistance can be one of many things that puts off a customer from using a service. At CollectCo, you will be provided assistance all the time as you need to make your shipping, collecting and returning items hassle-free. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance as CollectCo’s experts are always happy to serve and help you.

Note On The Estimated Delivery Time for International Shipping

  1. Please bear in mind that shipping time frames might range from 2-3 days for adjacent countries to up to 20 days for countries with wide distances, depending on the product/service chosen and the origin/destination relation.
  2. Please also bear in mind that, based on the product/service selected, the package will most likely be handed over to your country’s local postal agency for final delivery to you.

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