Pos Malaysia International Parcel x CollectCo: 4 Easy Steps to Send Parcel with CollectCo

Looking to gain more knowledge on Pos Malaysia international parcel shipping? The process surrounding Pos Malaysia international parcel shipping does not have to be difficult.

But you must acknowledge the vitality of checking the relevant procedures and getting the correct paperwork in order to ensure your shipment passes through customs seamlessly. In this article, you will find out more about Pos Malaysia international shipping and we hope that by the end of it, you will gain something useful that can help finalize your decision.

As the market growth of eCommerce increases which is driven by the increasing internet diffusion via smartphones and the growing numbers of middle classed youths that use the internet, the demand of international parcel shipping, also known as cross-border shipping, simultaneously gets higher.

It is natural that more people, especially shippers are looking for the right way, if not the best way to ship items internationally to meet the international market demand. (Leong, 2020)

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With Pos Malaysia and EMS (Express Mail Service), you will be able to enjoy conveniences when shipping items or documents overseas because you can send merchandise up to 30 kg and documents weighing up to 1 kg whether they are for personal or business means to over 200 countries across the world.

EMS Shipping Rate

Actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher, determines the rates of EMS shipping.

  • The Formula of Volumetric Weight
    L x W x H cm/5000.
  • Sizes for L x W x H which are recommended
    300mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 2mm (H).
    Maximum: 1.50m (L).
    (L) + (2w) + (2h) ≤ 3.00m.

Pos Malaysia Is In Partnership with CollectCo

We are thrilled to inform you that Pos Malaysia is in partnership with the best express agentCollectCo which is a company that has been the leading parcel delivery and collection network of choice, focusing on e-commerce merchants and customers.

Pos Malaysia’s e-commerce customers will benefit from the strategic partnership with CollectCo, which will provide them with new parcel collection and delivery touchpoints, allowing them to pick up or deliver their packages at 1,255 partner outlets, including convenience stores, pharmacies, and stationary stores.

Pos laju international shipping has never been made easier for customers prior to the partnership with CollectCo.

Courier Services

With that being said, you are recommended to walk into any nearby CollectCo Premium Point (CPP) instead of Pos Malaysia or post offices to use the service of the subsidiary company or the daughter company of Pos Malaysia that is EMS.

With CollectCo, you will be able to ease the parcel drop-off process and have the most seamless experience to ship your items internationally. (Malaysia, 2020)

Steps to Send a Parcel and Documents Internationally with CollectCo?

1. Walk into any Nearby CPP

Since the process of international shipping differs slightly from domestic shipping, you would not need to pack your items as tight and secured yet because they will be inspected by the staff where they would open the parcels, check the content and repack them with CCTV supervision if needed.

CollectCo is partnered with reputable courier companies, so you can leave out the worries about poor parcel handlings.

walk in collectco

The network of CollectCo is broad and you can find the nearest CollectCo Premium Point easily by searching for the keywords of your area via this link.

2. Scan the QR Code at CPP

One of many benefits of dropping off your parcel at a CollectCo Premium Point is that you can skip the long queue, while having an even more seamless experience. When you’ve arrived at any CPP, scan the QR code displayed at the center. If you prefer to use a browser, visit the website instead.

cpp code

3. Choose Your International Courier

From there, you will see that you have more options of international and domestic courier companies to choose from. In this particular case where you want to ship out parcels internationally, you may see these options;

With a single platform, you may choose any of your favorites without having to visit separate points which will save your time and money from travelling far. After selecting your preferred courier, proceed to the next step.

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4. Fill in Your Details

Your information and your recipient’s details must be filled in accurately in the digital consignment note. You will also be required to declare your parcel contents in order for the shipment to proceed smoothly. Then, submit the information to get a booking number. After that, bring in your parcels or documents as well as your IC copy (if needed) to the counter and show your booking number to the friendly staff. From there, they will scan your items and lodge in shipment. Finally, you make the payment.

Why Should you Choose CollectCo for International Shipping?

With EMS alone, you may enjoy the service at an affordable rate to ship your parcels or documents internationally. However, if you are the type of individuals that appreciate time-saving and a seamless process as aforementioned, then CollectCo Premium Point will be the best option for you.

CollectCo Pos Malaysia
Courier options for international and domestic shipping. Yes, CollectCo is in partnership with more than 15 reputable international and domestic couriers. Pos Laju and EMS are the two most popular subsidiary companies of Pos Malaysia.
Requires you to queue or wait at the centre for your turn. No, you will only need to scan the QR code, fill in the details and make payment at the counter. Yes
Receives assistance throughout the whole process. Yes, CollectCo consists of a bubbly and warm team which always aims to satisfy and help the customers first. Not stated.
Delivery options according to the requirements of economical or premium. Yes Yes

benefits of collectco & pos malaysia international parcel

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you would like to know more about Pos Malaysia international parcel, our friendly customer service team will assist you along the way.


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