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Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point – The Rising Trend in Courier

Wondering how to be a Shopee Xpress Drop-off Point?  Malaysians’ reliance towards e-commerce has grew drastically due to the pandemic, especially on Shopee. 

In the first quarter of 2022, Shopee recorded 55 million monthly visitors in Malaysia. Online shopping is slowly becoming the new norm for how people shop. 

In addition to this growing trend, the demand for Shopee Xpress parcels drop off points has increased drastically. If you are a business owner who has a shop, here are some benefits of being a Shopee Xpress Drop-off Point:

(Source: Statistica)

1) Drive foot traffic to your shop

Shopee does not provide courier selections for buyers. The default courier is Shopee Xpress. 

More and more Shopee Xpress  parcels are being packed by sellers. But the lack of Shopee Xpress Drop-off Points stops them from being able to process the shipment quickly.

If your shop is a Shopee Xpress Drop-off Point, you can include Shopee Xpress in your branding that will drive more customers and foot traffic to your shop.

The services available at a Shopee Xpress drop off point are:

  • Buyer Self Collect
  • Merchant Drop Off

Shopee Buyer Self Collect allows customers to pick up their Shopee parcels at your shop. Shopee Xpress will send the parcels to your shop, and customers will pick them up within 7 days.

It cots RM3.50 which is RM1 lesser than the standard delivery option. As a result, buyers can select Buyer Self Collect for their delivery option to save on delivery charges.

This is a great opportunity to attract customers into your shop. It also creates a potential to upsell them with the products or services available in your shop.

Continue reading for Merchant Drop Off.

2) Earn additional income from being a Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point

You as a business owner can earn additional income for your shop with Merchant Drop Off service provide by Shopee Xpress. Merchant Drop Off is a service whereby Shopee sellers can drop off their ready-packed Shopee parcels at your shop.

Your will receive commission for each parcels dropped off at your shop. Sellers usually drop-off their parcels in bulk especially during promotional periods such as 8.8 SALE and PAYDAY SALE.

This service will attract entrepreneurs to drop off parcels with high volume at your shop, and you will receive an attractive commission. 

Moreover, there is also a potential to upsell them by creating tailor-made services to suit their needs in order to retain them in your business.

Besides that, if you are a Shopee seller who has a shop, Shopee Xpress will provide direct pick up from your shop. Not only will this help to improve your Shopee shop’s customer experience, it will also meet the 48 hour SLA as the parcels will be scanned and processed to be delivered immediately.

3) Gain exposure for your shop as a Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point

Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point Self Collection

Once a buyer decides to checkout their cart, they will be provided with 2 shipping options: Door-step Delivery and Self-Collection respectively.

If they choose Self-Collection, they will then need to select the location of parcel collection. When your shop is providing Shopee Xpress Drop Off service, your outlet name will appear in the Shopee app.

Hence, your can take advantage of the high user traffic in Shopee. For instance, your shop name will be visible to 41.86 million monthly users.

Interested to be part of this? Here is how CollectCo can help your shop become a Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point. 

CollectCo: Expansion Partner for Shopee Xpress

CollectCo Courier Services Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point

CollectCo – The Expansion partner for Shopee Xpress is the best choice for shop owners who look to provide courier services. Not only do we offer affordable prices, we offer other value-added services that you can provide at your shop!

CollectCo is a collection center network that provide parcel delivery and collection services.

By making your e-commerce experience hassle-free, we hope to revolutionize last-mile e-fulfillment in ASEAN. 

Our goal is to improve ASEAN’s e-commerce ecosystem by establishing a collection center in every town.

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Why Choose CollectCo

CollectCo has been appointed by Shopee to be an Expansion Partner of Shopee Xpress. This means that you can only Sign Up through CollectCo to become a Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point. 

Besides the low investment cost, CollectCo’s system integrates multiple courier companies into one platform. As a result, you can still thrive in the industry without a large investment and below are the reasons why:

1. Low Startup Cost for Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point

CollectCo offers the lowest courier startup investment in town! With CollectCo, your shop will be the hotspot of the community when parcel and collection services are needed.

Besides that, the application process to become a CollectCo partner is quick and easy- which makes us your first choice.

Here are the benefits of transforming your shop into a CollectCo Premium Point:

Benefits of becoming a Shopee Xpress Drop Off Point

2. Your Existing Shop Is Enough

You are not required to renovate your shop into a dedicated franchise. CollectCo’s services can be provided in addition to running your business normally.

You will be receiving more walk-ins and new customers to use your parcel delivery and collection services. Thus, growing your existing business.

For example, when a new customer visits your shop to drop off a Shopee parcel, they will be intrigued by what products or services your business has to offer.

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3. One Platform For All Courier Companies

The couriers available in CollectCo’s system are:

Customers can now choose from their favorite domestic and international courier companies in a single platform when you shop become a CollectCo Premium Point.

All of the courier companies mentioned above are available in an integrated system of CollectCo

These conveniences will keep your customers happy and satisfied. As a result, the possibility for word-of-mouth endorsement form them will encourage more individuals to come into your business and utilize your services.

Consequently, in the long run, your shop will undoubtedly become the center of your community’s attention and you will be able to boost sales of your primary business, allowing you to flourish in the industry

Become a CollectCo Premium Point Today!

It’s easy to join as a CollectCo Premium Point! Please fill up the form with the required information and you are good to go. After that our staff will contact you as soon as possible to walk you through the entire process.

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