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Thinking of Starting Up A Mini Post Office (Pos Mini)?

Are you thinking about starting a mini post office (Pos Mini) but unsure whether you have what it takes or where to start? It is now easy to open a mini post office (Pos Mini) now with CollectCo.

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Why Choose Pos Mini?

1. Leverage on the Growth of E-commerce

ecommerce data

Firstly, COVID-19. More people resorted to doing online businesses where only a small fee is required to be paid to reach potential customers.

As for customers (consumers), they chose to switch from offline to online purchases due to the anxiety of the virus spreading through cash handlings according to the Banking and Payments Analyst at GlobalData, Nikhil Reddy.

As the saying goes “every cloud has a silver lining”, the pandemic has truly accelerated the market growth of e-commerce in Malaysia. The chart above shows you the prediction of the exponential growth of Malaysia’s e-commerce value and it’s expected to reach MYR51.6 billion by year 2024.

This is where courier service providers play the biggest role and as we know, courier service providers are what make online shopping possible, therefore, their service is crucial more than ever in order to keep up with the acceleration of e-commerce growth. Due to this, there is no better way to leverage on this growth or ‘ride the wave’ than to setup a Pos Mini outlet.

2. Pos Mini Services that Helps you Generate Income

Our objective with Pos Malaysia is to ensure that the customer experience at Pos Mini is similar to that of a Pos Malaysia office. With that, Pos Mini by CollectCo offers a wider array of services that aligns with market needs.

With Pos Mini, you can now offer the following services:

  1. Pos Laju Domestic Services
  2. International Shipments via Express Mail Service (EMS)
  3. Economical International Shipments via International Air Parcel by Pos Malaysia
  4. Contract Customer Drop Off (Shopee, Easy Parcel drop off, and many more)
  5. Sell Pos Laju Prepaid Merchandise, Flexiprepaid and Packaging Materials
  6. Sell Stamps by Pos Malaysia
  7. Bill Payment and Financial Services with over 84 vendors

A larger mix of services will ensure that you have enough options to service customers in your community.

3. Leverage on the Strength of Pos Malaysia as a National Brand

With over 200 years of experience in courier and postal industry, Pos Malaysia’s brand remains strong nationally and globally. With Pos Mini, you can now proudly declare your shop as part of a national brand that has a rich heritage and legacy in Malaysia.

In the years to come, despite the influx of courier competitors into Malaysia, Pos Laju is still the favourite choice of courier for customers that value service excellence, wide coverage, and operational stability. Stay tuned for what Pos Malaysia has in store in the coming months as they ramp up their branding initiatives to strengthen their position as one of the top courier providers in Malaysia.

Why Should You Choose Pos Mini, Powered by CollectCo?

This year, 2022, CollectCo has been appointed as Master Authorized Agent for Pos Mini by Pos Malaysia. This means that you can become a Pos Mini, powered by CollectCo.

Here are the benefits of why you should partner with CollectCo for Pos Mini:

  1. Fast and speedy onboarding to get started with your business.
  2. Unlimited access to trainings on sales, operations, and marketing by CollectCo Academy.
  3. Dedicated account manager to journey with you as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Customer service to help ensure all your shipments get delivered.
  5. Value added service to help you generate income and traffic for your future Pos Mini retail shop.

At CollectCo, we have over 10 years in logistics and courier retail experience to help you setup your business successfully. We value customer service and we will ensure that your onboarding process is smooth and you can kickstart your business with a bang.

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What You Need To Start A Mini Post Office (Pos Mini)?

Here are the requirements to get started:

1. A computer
2. Strong internet connection
3. Printer
4. A space for counter (half shop or a kiosk)
5. Business registration (SSM)
6. Security deposit

Your outlet will need to be at least 3km away from the nearest Pos Malaysia office or Pos Mini. You may appeal if they are within 3km if they serve a different catchment. No worries, you can still fill up the form below and we will assist you with this.

This side business will undeniably attract more customers to your shop and help the people in your area that Google search “pos office near me” but is it worth all the hassles mentioned above? Well, it truly depends on the individual. If I were you and already owned a shop, I would partner with CollectCo instead.

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How do I sign up as a Pos Mini?

We are pleased to announce that you can now become a Pos Mini through CollectCo! CollectCo will assist you with the application, onboarding, operations and marketing support throughout your journey as a Pos Mini entrepreneur.

Great News! First 100 applicants get 40% off total setup fees! Fill in the form below now!

Fill in the form below if you wish to become a Pos Mini Entrepreneur. In the form, you may request for a call back or attend a briefing to get all the information you need to get started.

Fill in the form here if you wish to become a Pos Mini Entrepreneur!


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  1. I am interested in setting up a Mini Post in my shop, which would be accessible to the community
    nereby, making it easier for people to drop by the mail and parcels without travelling far from their
    housing area.

    1. Hi, Thank you for your interest in the POS Mini Program. You can fill up the form and we will contact you soon.

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