Domestic Shipping in Malaysia: How does it work?

Domestic Shipping

We know you’re probably wondering what the difference is between domestic shipping and international shipping. It’s a fair question, especially if you’re new to the whole concept of buying things online!

Domestic shipping is when you’re buying something from another person in your own country, as opposed to ordering something from another country entirely. It means that your goods are being shipped from one location to another location within the country’s border. The process is pretty simple: the seller sends their package through the mail service and gives you a tracking number so that you can track its progress towards your home.

When it comes to domestic shipping, there are 4 steps involved; from sender start to drop off parcel or even arrange driver to pick up the parcel at their place, until the hub sends the goods to the final destination which is to the recipient.

How Does the Domestic Shipping Process Works?

Domestic shipping is easy! Here how it works:

1. Sender Drop Off / Arrange Pick up

Sender will start to drop off at any drop off point or arrange to have a courier pick it up from their home or business.

  1. They will visit nearest post office and ask for a parcel drop-off bag.
  2. They will fill out the address label, attach it to the parcel, and place it in the bag.
  3. Drop off the parcel at the post office counter, or hand it to staff members.
  4. Take the receipt which it have a tracking number on it and should be printed after the parcel has been processed by staff member.

If you think that dropping off a parcel at a nearby drop off point will all be difficult, you can try arranging pickup from your original destination by:

  1. Prepare the package for delivery by courier.
  2. Measure the volumetric weight of the package (length, width and height)
  3. Search for courier services that pick up near you
  4. Compare the rates of shipping your parcel from different companies
  5. Select a location for pickup
  6. You can confirm your pickup and pay once you’ve chosen a location. This will generate a label for your package, which you can then print and attach to the packaging.
  7. Wait for collection by a courier

2. Courier Send to Hub

After courier received the parcel, they will bring your packages to the courier hub to get sorted. The next step is the parcel will undergo a number of procedures at the courier hub and it will be sorted by size and weight. It will also be checked to ensure that all of its labels are correct and visible. It will then be weighed again to verify the accuracy.

The final step could be to separate the parcel based on where it will be delivered. They will sort the parcel based on the conveyer belt. For example, if the address written on the parcel is for a recipient in Perak, the parcel will be separated and delivered via the proper route.

3. Movement between Hub

The third step is traveling from one hub to another hub. Usually this happens when the parcel delivery involves two states or two points where the driver will start collecting all the parcels to sent to the same state. After that, the parcel will be picked up from the first hub and delivered to the second hub.

Do you believe the parcel will be delivered directly to the receiver? It’s completely incorrect because the packages must be first delivered to the receiver’s hub! This marks the end of the final process of middle mile delivery for domestic shipping; the package will be sorted once again. Parcels will be separated based on the recipient’s postal code. It will make it easier for the delivery person to deliver the package to its final destination.

4. It’s time to receive the parcel!

After going through several processes, starting with the delivery of the parcel from the sender, we finally arrive at the final step, which is the delivery of the package by the courier from the hub to the recipient. Once the courier has identified the postcode for every item to be delivered, they will arrange for a ‘delivery guy’ to take the next step, which is to deliver the parcel to the recipient.

Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, truck, or even a van, the delivery guy will arrive at your door with a smile full of happiness! They will deliver the parcel to the address written on the parcel (the sender will display a clear consignment note on the parcel). And as a recipient, you can keep track of your package using the tracking number provided by the courier.

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Why CollectCo?

By appointing a collection center in every town ASEAN-wide, CollectCo provides hassle-free parcel delivery and collection services for all.

What Makes Us Special?

We are in partnership with almost all of the courier service providers as mentioned above. Below are the full list of their partnered domestic courier service providers:

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