International Shipping

How Does International Shipping Work

What is International Shipping?

International Shipping is the process of moving goods from one nation to another. It’s a massive industry that facilitates the flow of trade between nations and has a significant effect on economic growth. The three main stages of international shipping are: First Mile Delivery, Middle Mile Delivery and Last Mile Delivery.

The most common form of international shipping is sea freight, where large cargo ships carry goods across the ocean to a port in a foreign country. Air freight is also popular for smaller shipments, particularly those that aren’t allowed on airplanes because they’re too heavy or dangerous (pressure-sensitive material like paint or explosives).

How does International Shipping works?

The process may consist several stages, including:

  • International freight forwarding (freight forwarding)

The initial stage in which your merchandise is transported from a domestic point of origin to an international airport or seaport for onward transport via ocean-going vessel to air transport plane.

  • Inland Transportation

The second leg of international shipping, when your merchandise leaves its port of arrival arrives at an inland destination in its destination country. The leg includes any number of modes of transportation, such as trucking, rail freight and even air travel. For example if you’re shipping something by plane but it’s being flown into another country.

  • Customs clearance

After arriving at their final destination, it’s important goods are entered into customers channels so they can be cleared through customs before they’re released to you or another party designated by you (such as a buyer). This can be done manually by filling out paperwork yourself or through an automated system called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Once your shipment has been cleared by customs officials then you can pick them up from where they’ve been stored locally.

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First Mile Delivery

First Mile Delivery is the first leg of a package’s journey from its origin to its destination. It’s important to note that it does not include any portion of the shipping process after that point, including customs clearance and import duties.

First Mile delivery costs are generally lower than those for third party carriers like FedEx, but may include other fees such as fuel surcharges or terminal handling charges on top of standard postage rates- these will vary depending on where you live and how far away your destination is from your starting point

Benefits of First Mile Delivery in International Shipping

First mile delivery allows you to keep an eye on your packages during their transit; if there are any problems along the way (like damage), they can be resolved before they reach their final destination


The farther away that final destination is from your starting point, the higher these cost will be. Since most international shipments require more than one leg of transport anyway, this means paying two sets of fees when sending something overseas.

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Middle Mile Delivery

The middle mile is a portion of the delivery that occurs between the last mile and the final destination. It can be a single leg or multiple legs, depending on how far away your location is from where you’re shipping to. It’s typically a combination of air, sea, and ground transportation

Middle-mile delivery works best when there are multiple modes of transport available for moving goods around a city or between cities. For example: A truck might go from a port with cargo containers full of bananas and coffee beans; then another truck gets those containers onto a train that takes them into town for distribution; finally, yet another truck will take those same containers from the train station to grocery stores where customers can buy them directly from their local store shelves (or perhaps even through an online ordering service).


A major benefit of middle-mile delivery is that it reduces carbon emissions by limiting how many times each container needs to be moved around before reaching its final destination. By using fewer trucks overall during this process (by having them switch back and forth between different modes), middle-mile delivery reduces pollution caused by transportation while also lowering consumer costs due to reductions in labor needed for manual transfers at various stages throughout shipment (which would otherwise add up quickly).


Though the concept is fairly straightforward overall, there are still some challenges associated with implementing such systems successfully: getting approval from community members who see these kinds of changes as threats instead than opportunities; ensuring equipment reliability so nothing breaks down unexpectedly during transit periods; dealing with unexpected weather conditions like snowstorms—all things which may force delays which affect deadlines set out by clients .

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Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery is the final leg of the shipping process. It’s when your package arrives at its final destination, which could be a home or business on a residential street, or it could be a central location for hundreds of apartments to receive their packages.

This part of international shipping can be challenging because it requires multiple parties to work together seamlessly: you have an international shipper who ships your goods overseas; then there are local customs agents who inspect your items; and finally there’s someone who will put your products into consumers’ hands—either directly at their homes or businesses, or at some sort of central location where they pick up all their orders at once (like an apartment building).

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